Chapter 5 Topics

5-R: Resist Emotional Impulses Tips

Background Reading: 2-L: Sneaky Sales Tactics, and 3-X: Analysis Paralysis


-First off, admit to yourself that you are more easily affected by your emotions than you think
-Look around and ask yourself if perhaps you might be influenced subconsciously by the aesthetics of the place.
-Realize that professional commission sales staff are experts at being sly and sneaky while appearing to be casual and non-threatening. 
-Beware of the “today only” line, that creates an emotional sense of urgency to commit to something you might not otherwise do.
-Have an escape plan beforehand on how to not get sucked into signing a deal “on the spot” if you have any red flags.
-If you’re shopping as a couple, have a “safe word” to tell the other that you want to leave (e.g., “don’t forget about the kids”).
-At the same time, don’t be held back by illogical fearful emotions that may that may keep you from a good purchase opportunity that makes good sense.  
-If you’ve done due diligence with your research and investigation, then just go for it, and don’t let your nervous feelings keep you from moving forward.