Chapter 6 Topics

6-A: Intro: Are used hot tubs a bad idea?

Chapter 6 Intro

A used hot tub can be a prudent investment or can end up being a huge waste of time and money.  

As used spa specialists, we know better than anyone about the dangers of buying used. Going with used can be an excellent choice if you’re smart about it. You can save thousands of dollars, and if you choose wisely, a well-built USED hot tub will feel more comfortable, perform better, serve you more faithfully and last longer than a cheap NEW one. It is very possible to find a good 15-20-year-old model with “good bones” that will easily outlast a NEW cheap big box store model (see 4-C: You Get What You Pay For).

If you have the budget to buy a high-quality NEW hot tub (over $10,000), we suggest you go ahead and spend the extra money – you won’t regret going new if you can afford it. As they say, However, if you cannot justify spending the money on a high-quality NEW hot tub (i.e., your budget is under $10,000), then you may be better off buying a high quality USED one rather than a cheap NEW one.

Each of our USED hot tubs has passed a detailed inspection and was put through a comprehensive testing process before we release them. This significantly lowers the chance of anything going wrong after we deliver them to their new home. As a result, we rarely have to do warranty work (B-7: Our Guarantee and Policy)

Having said that, the truth is that there will always be some degree of compromise and risk when buying any used product. Even when refurbished with new equipment, an older used hot tub cannot always be expected to be like new. Although we guarantee the safety, performance and structural integrity of our used hot tubs, they may have some quirks and eccentricities that won’t seriously affect its functionality. Although we often rebuild the framing and replace more seriously damaged skirting, there could be some cosmetic issues and/or inconsequential wood deterioration that we’d considered to be normal for a used hot tub. Hence the huge price drop.

If you really don’t like the idea of going with USED, then we do have NEW cheap models starting at about $7000 for your consideration.