B-2: About this Website

about this website

I cannot find the original version of this ad, but I remember being amused by a billboard similar to this some years ago.

First off, please note that this website is designed to be viewed on a computer screen, not a cell phone, so perhaps switch now? It’s worth doing.

My brother is in the process of publishing his doctoral dissertation – a gigantic accomplishment, but super boring. I like to tease him by saying that this website (my own magnum opus) will be viewed by thousands more than anything he’ll ever write.

Although I have put a lot of research, time and effort into this online project, it’s no academic thesis. I’m sure that any self-respecting professor or editor would spill red ink all over this thing. I haven’t bothered with a bibliography, footnotes, or other formalities found in more serious compositions. I welcome comments and suggestions from the grammar police to make it more better.

The content is original (I didn’t plagiarize), I was mindful of copyright laws (I paid for stock photography), and I did my best to be accurate with the facts, but I didn’t keep detailed records of when, how and where I collected all my information and material contained in this composition.

In this website, I’m sometimes cryptic, and I intentionally avoid mentioning specific brands and companies. It’s risky to put certain things in writing for legal and pragmatic reasons (I don’t want to get sued or make any enemies).

My marketing manager thinks this website is overkill and a waste of my time. He says nobody will bother reading it because people don’t read anymore and the average person these days has the attention span of a goldfish. He speculates that only about 2% might review the content, and it’s bad marketing to target only 2% of the population.

Well, 2%, let’s prove him wrong, OK? To offer some fun incentive, there are many coupons and discounts hidden in the script and pictures all throughout the website, including this paragraph which, if copied, pasted and printed out, affords you a 50% discount toward anything in the store, up to $200 (a value of up to $100). click here for details. How many other hidden nuggets you can find in this website?