Chapter 5 Topics

5-H: Upgrades, Features, Bling & Complexity

Background Reading: 3-D: Upgrades/Features3-E: Cosmetics & Bling, and 3-F: Complexity


-Ask yourself, will I really enjoy this hot tub 25% more if I pay 25% more for extra upgrades and features?
-Ask yourself, will you really care about the aesthetics after the first couple months of use?
-Ask yourself which upgrades will actually enhance the experience, make things easier or save you money long term.
-Consider the consequences if the upgrade malfunctions.  Would it be missed and need to be fixed, or is it inconsequential, so no biggie when it fails?
-The more complex the tub and the more sophisticated the technology, the more things can go wrong, so keep it as simple as you’re happy with.