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Chapter 1 Topics

B-7: Our Guarantee and Business Policy/Protocol


Clients should feel safe in knowing what to expect

Hot Tubs Galore does not hire salespeople, and nobody’s on commission.  Professional salespeople are notorious for saying whatever it takes to close the deal, which certainly increases sales but it also creates potential after-sale problems. They might not outright lie, but they imply things that aren’t altogether accurate, and are evasive and vague about certain things to help them land the sale.  This can result in incorrect assumptions and unrealistic expectations, setting clients up for potential disappointment if things don’t turn out as expected. 

Our goal is to be upfront from the get-go, showing we have nothing to hide.  This page explains our company guarantee, warranty policy and company protocol so our clients know what to expect, and there are no surprises.  If you’d like to make any changes or additions to our standard policy when purchasing from us, we’d be happy to consider noting them on the purchase agreement.  

A: NEW Hot Tub Orders

NEW hot tub warranty agreements are between the client and the factory, not the vendor.  The warranty/policy for NEW hot tubs depends on the brand you choose.

B: USED Local Hot Tub Orders 

Used hot tubs come with a 30-day guarantee and 1-year limited warranty through Hot Tubs Galore.  

Below explains our standard guarantee and business policy/protocol, so you know what to expect.

C: USED Out-Of-Town Orders

Our technicians don’t travel long distances to do repair work, so out-of-town hot tubs come with a parts-only warranty as explained below.

protocol 3

D: Additional/Extended Warranty Options

We also offer extended warranty options through our company, which we can discuss at the time of purchase.

Feel free to pore over the above details so you know what to expect, then please have the courtesy and integrity to honour our policies and protocol if you decide to do business our company.