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B-9: Where In The World We Get Our Used Hot Tubs


We’re often asked, “Where in the world do you find so many used hot tubs?” The short answer is “Mostly from British Columbia”. You’re welcome.

We usually have over a hundred used hot tubs in stock at any given moment.  I wish I could tell you where to look for good used hot tubs, but the truth is that we don’t really go looking for hot tubs anymore – they come to us.

As is the case with job-hunting, one of the worst places to find good used hot tubs is in the classifieds.  The best hot tubs get taken by friends, relatives, or professional companies like HotTubRecycling.Com before they ever have a chance to hit the classifieds.  And the better ones that do end up in the classifieds quickly get snatched up by “curbers” who hunt for hot tubs with intent to resell at a profit.  These curbers then repost them online for a higher price, posing as private vendors.  I’m embarrassed to admit that’s how we started out back in the early 1990s.  I’d wake up really early and scour the newest edition of the Buy & Sell classified ads and grab the best deal before anyone else had a chance to inquire.  Then I’d pretty it up, install it at my place, then create an ad with improved wording and better pictures with a higher price tag and wait until I finally got a buyer, then do it again.  The nice (but shameful) thing is, I could get away with not offering any guarantees or warranty because I was just a regular guy selling something out of my backyard. 

Although I wasn’t intentionally tricking anyone per se, I certainly wasn’t a safe person to buy from because at the time I knew very little about hot tubs, and I was selling stuff “as is” without any guarantees.  Knowing what I know now, I’m embarrassed about that early stage in my career because I nowadays I warn against guys like that. 

But we’ve been around long enough now, so we don’t have to search online for hot tubs anymore. 

Here’s typically where we get most of our hot tubs:

The Very Wealthy 
High class people don’t generally like the idea of having potential riffraff on their property, scoping out their place and possessions.  They’d rather just deal with an insured, established company. 

Real Estate Agents
Often times, a change of property ownership involves the removal of an existing hot tub as part of the contract.  For safety and liability reasons, they want to work with an insured, established professional company.

Sometimes a hot tub needs to be removed in order to proceed with home renovations.  Contractor make their money on the work they do on the house, and couldn’t be bothered to post ads online for a hot tub – they just want the tub removed as efficiently as possible by an insured company that specializes in hot tub extraction/removals.

Some of our clients are interested in upgrading their existing hot tub, and we take them in as trade-ins toward a new model.  It’s more convenient, and they’ll often get more money as a trade-in than they would if they sold it privately.