Surrey, BC

Since 1997

B-4: How We Operate:

(what to expect)

how we operate

It’s best to make an appointment to meet with us for a consultation

As the intro video explains, this is how things work around here:

We’re a dealer for lots of brands, so we can offer you over 250 NEW options.
We also specialize in USED hot tubs, and we usually have over 100 of them in stock to choose from.
That means WAY more selection than anywhere else, with prices ranging from cheap to extravagant.

Make an Appointment
If you are in the market for a hot tub, we strongly suggest you make an appointment so we can be sure that someone is available to give you their undivided attention when you arrive. Showing up unannounced during a busy time might be awkward for everyone involved, and we may not be able to serve you as well as if we’d been expecting you.

Run Through a Survey
We sit down together and ask a detailed series of questions to help you figure out your particular needs, tastes, priorities and budget. This is a very educational experience that helps you better understand the differences between the brands and models and if or why it matters. It gets you thinking about things that never would have occurred to you otherwise. Frequently, our clients say “Wow, thanks! That was super informative and helpful!”

Narrow Down the Options
The survey is a process of elimination. Your answers to our questions help to narrow down the hundreds of options to just a handful that best match the description of what you’re looking for.
In the same way a good real estate agent helps you find the perfect house for your family’s needs instead of overwhelming you with every home in the entire city, we only show you the models that we most recommend based on the results of the survey.

View the Models on Your Short List
Once we’ve created a short list of what we consider to be the best models for your particular situation, we take you over to a nearby rustic warehouse where we keep most of our inventory. There, you can see our stock in person and decide if any of them work for you. If so, we fill out a purchase agreement and take a deposit to confirm your decision. If nothing clicks, we sometimes refer clients to one of our competitors who we feel might be a better fit, no hard feelings.

Wait for Production
Although some of our stock is immediately available, most of the options will require some wait time (see 3-B: Don’t Dawdle). During this stage, we don’t give regular updates on the progress, as usually there’s nothing to report until the hot tub is ready. As is the case with most other industries, every so often things end up taking longer than expected, so please be patient.

Arrange Delivery
We will advise you once your hot tub is ready for pick-up or delivery, so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

That’s the general process we go through, and most people consider it to be a great experience.