Surrey, BC

Since 1997

D-9: New Owner Consultation/Tutorial

($120 call-out-fee, $120 consultation fee)


We are wise in the ways of hot tubs.  Let us school you.

If you recently acquired a new or used hot tub, or if you moved into a place with a hot tub and don’t know what to do next, we can help you with that. 

We can make the trip to your place and show you how to operate, service and maintain your hot tub.  We can explain all the chemicals, accessories, settings, and give you tips on how to manage a hot tub, then leave you with laminated instructions for future reference. We can also set you up with whatever chemicals/accessories you may need, while we’re at it.

If you inherited a used hot tub, our Inspection Checklist (D-8) is included in the cost of the Consultation/Tutorial.