Chapter 5 Topics

5-J: Warranty and Post-Warranty Concerns

Background Reading:  4-G: Warranty and 4-H: Expired Warranty Predicament


-Ask if they have their own dedicated parts & service department with certified full-time technicians on staff.
-Ask for a more detailed document explaining the warranty and read the fine print, not just the bullet points.  
-Ask the parts and service department (not the salesperson) what the protocol/procedure is when there’s a problem, because you won’t be dealing with the salesperson anymore once the sale is complete.
-Check out the manufacturer’s website to see how easy it is to contact them for customer service
-Ask who to call once the warranty expires.  They might say “we’ll still fix it, at a cost”, but the truth is that although they might assume that to be true, they probably don’t actually know for sure, as they have nothing to do with the parts & service end of things.  Besides, you’ll likely never see them again, since they probably won’t be working there anymore by the time it becomes an issue.