Chapter 5 Topics

5-N: Covers

Background Reading: 4-S: Covers


-Study the hot tub cover.  Unzip the back at the hinge and check to see what kind of panels they use (cheap popcorn styrofoam, or high density foam?).
-is the foam panel vapour-wrapped?
-Is the supporting rail for the hot tub cover made of aluminum or galvanized steel?  How robust is the rail?
-Feel the thickness and quality of the vinyl, and ask if it’s marine-grade vinyl on top and chemical resistant material on the bottom (as opposed to Fabric Land grade stuff). 
-Check to see how tightly the hot tub cover fits (you want it to fit loosely, not tight like a Tupperware lid).
-Check for wide gaps in the hinge/seam part where steam might escape
-Check to see if the hot tub cover is tapered to repel water