Surrey, BC

Since 1997

D-8: Pre-Purchase Inspections

($120 call-out-fee, $120 consultation fee)


If you’re considering buying a hot tub from a private vendor, feel free to use our #7: Buying Used Checklist chapter as a reference.  But if you’d rather defer to the experts, you might want to consider hiring us to do an in-home consultation (inspection, assessment, appraisal). 

We have a 100+ point inspection checklist that we use when considering a new arrival hot tub for our used inventory. This involves us going over the hot tub “with a fine-tooth comb” to figure out the quality, condition, value, parts availability and transportability of the tub. I explain the things that require immediate attention and point out the things it may need in the near future, and suggest several options to consider (including repair, selling it yourself, having us sell it for you, disposal or replacement) and explain the cost and risk associated with each of those choices. 

We’ll either warn you to run for the hills, or explain what to expect if you buy it, or confirm it’s a great opportunity and encourage you to go for it.  

Almost always, after realizing what we have to say about the hot tub, the seller drops the asking price more than what we charge for the inspection fee, but if not, you’ve either been saved from making a terrible mistake, or you can go ahead with confidence and take the plunge.