7-A: Intro to “Shopping USED Checklist”

chapter 7 intro

Shopping for a used hot tub is stressful when you don’t know what to look for. We know that this chapter will help.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and over the years we’ve created a detailed 6-page inspection checklist that we use on-site to determine if a hot tub is worth acquiring or not.  Below are just some of the things on that checklists. 

Before you dive into this chapter, I suggest you take some time to study Chapters 3: Essential Reading and 6: Buying Used Perspectives for more helpful insights to give further context on this list, which has been minimized to make it more user-friendly. 


-this printed-out checklist, stapled together to keep the pages in order.
-a clipboard to hold this checklist
-a pen to take notes
-tools you might need to remove the side panels (Robertson & Philips bits)
-an Allen wrench set, in case the access panel uses hex bolts
-a towel and/or spare shirt if you get really wet
-camera to document everything, including removal access, to jog your memory later on.
-a flashlight
-a flathead screwdriver  
-gooseneck pliers (channel locks)
-an appliance dolly to pry up one side of the tub to see what’s underneath
-a helper, to hold the appliance dolly handles down while you peer underneath.
-some cash, to use as a deposit if you find a good one.

To get the best results, use this checklist in the same order as it’s laid out below.