Chapter 5 Topics

5-B: How Solid and Permanent are the Store & Brand?

Background Reading4-I: Non-Brick & Mortar Vendors and 4-J: History and Track Records 


-Ask yourself what would happen if the brand or store go out of business
-Ask yourself, if something was wrong with the hot tub, how quick and easy would it be to make things right with this vendor?
-Find out about the history of the brand, and how long they’ve been around for.
-Find out how long the store has been in business, and know the story behind it.
-Ask yourself, is this business well established?  Have they been around a long time, and will they definitely be around in 10 years?
-Is their leased retail spot a place that can be cleaned out overnight, or do they have deep roots at their location?
-Do they seem nervous, edgy, or desperate as they push for the sale?