Chapter 3 Topics

3-X: Analysis Paralysis

chapter 3 conclusion

Indecision has kept people from moving ahead in life since the beginning of time. 

One trait of highly successful people is that once they’ve done an appropriate amount of research, they make decisions quickly and decisively without second-guessing.  Those who hesitate even when they know it’s a good choice, tend to not move ahead in life because fear holds them back from progress.

 One of my clients confessed that they actually spent more time and emotional energy choosing a hot tub than they did with their house!  They had met with me two years earlier, and analysis paralysis kept them from making a choice since then!  By this time, they’d missed out on two years of enjoyment, and prices had gone up considerably, so they wished they had bought one sooner. 

 By all means, you should avoid being foolishly impulsive, but once you’ve diligently researched and found something that checks all the boxes, why keep delaying?  At that point, just go ahead and make your decision with confidence without doubting yourself.  It’s time to jump in with both feet and get the ball rolling on the order, so you can start actually enjoying it! (3-B: Don’t Dawdle)

 If you need more time to prepare for its arrival, we can arrange storage for you until you’re ready, and it will give you the incentive and motivation to get things ready sooner.