Surrey, BC

Since 1997


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B-3: We Ain't Much to Look At

(but we’re great to deal with)

Our style may be compelling, but we’re not fancy.  We have a small token storefront location as our official retail space, but most of our hot tubs are kept in rustic unheated warehouses, a stone’s throw from there.  Our management and service staff works in a tiki-bar themed office at that second location.  Our friendly golden retriever loves to ride with us in the golf cart between warehouses, and through the office window, one might even catch a glimpse of a goat perched on an upside-down hot tub.  I’m not even kidding.  

 In spite of our modest, casual approach and low profile, we are in fact one of the most substantial hot tub companies in Western Canada, in business since 1997.

Our clients include Instagram celebrities, major developers, dignitaries, prominent academics, Olympians, TV personalities, renowned scientists, professional athletes, politicians, and discerning average Joes.

Our hot tubs have been featured in movies and can be found on luxury yachts, as well as on the balconies of some of the most upscale penthouse suites in Vancouver. 

Not in spite of, but BECAUSE our no-BS approach, high-calibre people with both big and small budgets feel relieved to find a place where they can cut through the retail schmooze and have intelligent discussions with people who know their stuff, so they can make a good decision. 

 Solid information, great selection and less balderdash.  Isn’t that what all hot tub shoppers really want?  Apparently not, but those that do, really like us.