Chapter 5 Topics

5-F: Is it Comfortable?

Background Reading3-G: Size3-H: Height3-I: Water Volume3-J: Comfort


-When you sit in a tub on the showroom floor, imagine that you only weigh 10% of your body weight, with your pressure points being reduced by 90%, and imagine that your arms and legs are weightless. How would that change the fit and feel of each seat?
-Do the seat’s sculpted contours make you feel restricted or claustrophobic, or do you like how it ergonomically wraps around you? 
-Do you think your legs would stay in place if they were weightless and blasted by jets?
-Since you sit a couple of inches higher in water due to buoyancy, try imagining sitting a bit higher than how you sit in it empty.  Then imagine where the water level would be at each seat.  Does that work for you?
-Loungers feel very different when the tub is full of water.  If you’re a “floater”, then you’ll want to avoid loungers that lean back too far, and you’ll want a lounger seat with a more severe angle at your hips to keep your butt from sliding forward. 
-Check out the foot well.  Will there be enough foot room if the hot tub is full of people?
-Are you happy with the variety of seating levels?