Chapter 5 Topics

5-O: Sealed Bases

Background Reading: 3-P: Sealed Bases


-Ask the vendor about the base – is it sealed, and if yes, how so? 
-if your hot tub is going on a concrete pad or a normal deck, a sealed base won’t do a thing for you, so don’t make that an issue.
-Rather than trusting that a sealed base will keep out rodents, check for gaps between the cabinet and the skirting (especially at the corners) and/or any holes or spaces underneath where you can fit your pinky, because that’s how they get in.
-if you like the idea of a solid hard-molded base so you don’t have to create a pad, you might consider buying an inexpensive composite quick-pad instead.  They can be placed over dirt or grass easily, and cost less than pouring a pad or building a deck. That way you aren’t stuck with the one [expensive] brand that has the solid base feature.  Ask us for details.