Chapter 5 Topics

5-E: Cheap Versions of Expensive Brands

Background Reading: 4-K: Don’t Trust the Label and 4-L: Low-End Spas in High-End Stores


-If it’s being sold online or through a box store, it’s almost certainly inferior to what you’d get through a brick & mortal authorized dealer.
-If at at a brick & mortar authorized dealer’s store, don’t even bother to ask a salesperson if their “economy line” is an inferior product, because the salesperson might not even know. Even if they did know, I highly doubt they would tell you “it’s no better than a big box store brand, except more expensive”.
-If you’re tempted by a cheap model in an expensive store, you might get a better deal buying a similar quality product from a cheaper source (don’t assume nice stores sell better tubs).