Surrey, BC

Since 1997

B-1: Introduction

how we roll intro

A spot on Jack FM described Hot Tubs Galore as “a home grown, quirky little hot tub store with more to offer. Humble, Sensible, Different”. I’d say that sounds about right.

This company was not “corporately built” like a structure with a blueprint for a predetermined outcome – rather, it was “organically grown” like a tree with its unique DNA. Truth is, we never intended to be different in order to carve out a niche market – we simply evolved this way by accident. We had no formal business plan, no written goals, and when we started over 25 years ago, we had no idea that we’d end up being one of BC’s most prominent hot tub companies.

We have flourished, and we are deeply rooted, but we operate differently than most other places, and we’re not for everyone. Thus, you may find it helpful to read this chapter, to know how we roll and what to expect.

how we roll pd

  One of our Rustic Showrooms

  Our Tiki Bar Office Space at the Acreage