Chapter 5 Topics

5-G: Jets

Background Reading: 3-T: Jets & Hydrotherapy


Don’t be dazzled by a million shiny jets.  Ask yourself:

-Do you really NEED lots of jets, for jet’s sake? How few jets would be enough to serve you well?
Think about where on your body you want massage – are the jets where you want them to be?  

-Are there any superfluous, useless jets that serve no massage purpose?
-Might there be too many jets in any given seat that could create a general current against your back (like a showerhead effect) instead of your being able to feel individual pressure points?
-Would you be satisfied with one or two well-jetted seats, or do you want every single seat to offer a great massage?
-Do the jets turn on and off on a gradient fade, and are there air valves that control the amount of bubbles so you can adjust them to your taste, or is it “all or nothing”?
-Remember, you can only see the jets when the tub is empty, so don’t care about how nice they look. 
-See if you can find out about the GPM, PSI, quality, and jet availability down the road, as that’s more important than how nicely it looks churning the water.