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Chapter 1 Topics

D-11: Hidden Bonuses

hidden bonuses

This website has many hidden treats like the picture above, and the following applies to all of them: 

-You must cut/paste/print the picture or paragraph that explains the promotion – it must be printed on paper, not shown on screen.
-Promotions apply only in-store, in person.
-They can only be used one time per household. 
-They cannot be used in combination with any other promotions or discounts 
-One promo per purchase, per day. 
-Exception: if a client can find & show us every single hidden promotion together on their first try, they can get it all at once (no partial use)
-Promotions are valid only as long as the image or paragraph is actively displayed on the website
-To guard against potential abuse or fraud, HTG reserves the right to cancel or dishonour any hidden website promotion without notice, at our discretion.