Chapter 1 Topics

1-G: Solitude and Relaxation

(please just leave me alone)


   This will have to do until I get a hot tub!

Susanna Wesley (“the Mother of Methodism”) had 11 children and would sometimes feel overwhelmed.  When she needed quiet time to “pray” she would pull an apron over her head, and her children knew that meant not to disturb her.  Sounds to me like what she really needed was a hot tub!

People tend to leave you alone when you’re in the hot tub by yourself.  It’s sort of in the same category as being in the bathtub.  Nobody can really ask you to “do” anything while you’re in there.  Also, you can in good conscience leave your phone in the house then tell people “sorry I was in the hot tub when you called”.  

There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of “me time” and mindfulness, and how good it is to “unplug” from our constantly-connected, ever-stimulated lifestyles.

Sink your ears under the surface to hear the calming sounds of gurgling water.  

Relax with a nice cup of tea (pinky out) while listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Insert your Enya CD and concentrate on your breathing.

Gaze at the stars in total silence while swilling a glass of wine. 

Pretend to enjoy a jar of wheatgrass juice with tinkling chimes and songbirds in the background. 

However you like to relax, a hot tub is a great way to get some peace and quiet, all alone.