Chapter 1 Topics

1-U: Pleasure Beyond the Bath ​

(hear me out on this…)


This guy’s getting a dopamine rush at home, just thinking about his upcoming vacation.

The pleasures of owning a hot tub aren’t limited to the hours you spend using it.  It can make you happier just knowing you own one.  

A famous Dutch research project showed that the pleasure derived from anticipating something enjoyable, is often equal to or greater than the pleasure derived from the event itself.

A brainscan will show high activity in the pleasure area of a dog’s brain when they see their leash, even when they’re not actually going for a walk.  Likewise, when you’re in the backyard, just seeing your hot tub can subconsciously trigger pleasure chemicals in your body and puts you in a better mood, even when you’re not physically using it.

This Pavlovian effect is a wonderful bonus that spills over into your non-hot tubbing hours.