Chapter 1 Topics

1-E: Use Your Backyard More Often, All Year Long

(cold/hot weather, day/night)


Make your yard a place to hang out, at any time, in any weather!

Real estate is crazy expensive, and some homeowners spend a lot of time, money and effort to make their backyard a special place.  But since it’s often too dark, too cold, too hot or too wet to be outdoors, they mostly stay indoors where it’s well-lit, sheltered and climate controlled.   It’s a crying shame that such a large portion of their valuable property sits unused after dark and during uncomfortable weather.  

Since a hot tub can warm you up in the winter, and cool you off in the summer, it invites homeowners to venture outside when they otherwise wouldn’t.  Whether it’s cold, hot, dry, wet, light or dark outside, it’s all good when you’re in a hot tub. 

A hot tub turns your backyard into an active living space that would otherwise be underused.  It’s like building an extension to your home without having to do any renovations.