Chapter 1 Topics

1-S: Hot Tubs Are Sexy

(sorry, it had to be said)

Before hot tub vs After hot tub (please note he’s happy either way)

OK, so let me address the sexy elephant in the room that hot tub companies tiptoe around these days.  In this woke climate, marketers justifiably feel nervous about sexualizing anything.  I myself hesitated to include this page on the website but then eventually decided “what the heck”, and tucked it in at the end of this chapter.  

There’s no getting around the fact that hot tubs are sexy.  Rather than using specific examples, I’ll just be cryptic by saying that I’ve heard dozens of testimonials from grateful guys saying a hot tub worked like magic for them.

‘Nuf said.  I apologize if I offended anyone by daring to say it out loud.