Chapter 1 Topics

1-H: Family and Couples Therapy

(household relationship-building and maintenance)

Family and Couples

Over the years, I’ve heard testimonials like “My teens actually talk to me”. “My husband actually listens to me”. “I love seeing our kids laugh and play together without staring at a screen”. 

A hot tub is a great way to bond with your family and connect with your partner.  Recently, a client excitedly told me about an encouraging breakthrough she had with her step-daughter while conversing in the hot tub, and one of our clients claimed that getting a hot tub almost certainly saved his marriage.  

Family and marriage counselors all agree that communication is key for healthy relationships, and what else can you do, other than talk, when you’re sitting across from each other in a hot tub?   Conversation doesn’t feel awkward or contrived – rather, it feels natural and comes easily when chillin’ in the tub. 

Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist based in La Mesa, California states, “Nobody has an argument in a hot tub. People relax, they laugh, and the playfulness comes out. There’s no other place that has the physiological [effect] of breaking down the social barriers that exist between people. It literally relaxes you psychologically.”

When a couple or a family spends time in the hot tub together, they enjoy each other’s company and have conversations that wouldn’t likely take place anywhere in the house.