Chapter 1 Topics

1-C: Health Benefits


Doctors and health specialists agree that hot tubs do a body good.

In 1956, Candido Jacuzzi designed a submersible water pump to churn the water in a bathtub to create a whirlpool effect. He did this to help his son, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and was subsequently prescribed hydrotherapy treatments, which really helped. The idea caught on and it gradually evolved into what we now know as the modern-day manufactured hot tub. 

But the “hot tub” concept pre-dates Jacuzzi by thousands of years, all over the world, including Ancient Egypt, Rome, Northern Europe, Asia and beyond.  Since then, modern scientists, doctors and health specialists have discovered and confirmed what people have already known for millennia: Hot tubs offer many health benefits.  

Here is just a short list of some examples:

-pain relief
-better range of motion
-quicker healing
-muscle relaxation
-improved circulation
-improved insulin sensitivity
-skin detoxing & improved elasticity
-lower blood pressure
-improved kidney function
-respiratory benefits
-better bone health
cold symptoms relief
-athsma/respiratory relief
-and so on.

I could address each of these benefits (and more) as individual points, but since hundreds of articles already exist on the subject, I won’t expound.  Just know that having a hot tub is good for your health.