Chapter 1 Topics

1-T: Bond With Nature

(enjoy the great outdoors)


It’s a very natural thing, to use a hot tub.  Just ask these guys.

There’s something magical about the relaxing sights and sounds of the outdoors, and a hot tub invites you to experience it more often.

My wife and I enjoy watching the leaves turn in autumn and seeing snowflakes fall around us in the winter while we cozily soak in the tub.  And we love to star-gaze on clear summer nights.  The fresh air is invigorating. 

My wife and I like hearing the daytime birds singing (she has a phone app that can identify the species by listening), and at night we often hear coyotes yapping and owls hooting.   

My wife is a bird watcher.  She does things at our place to attract different species during different times of the year.  She’s hung a hummingbird feeder next to the hot tub.  Birds and squirrels seem to come closer when only our heads are poking out of the water. 

Of course, you don’t need a hot tub to be outdoors, but being in a hot tub is way nicer than sitting on chairs.