Chapter 1 Topics

1-L: Cleanliness and Sanitation

sanitation 1

A well-maintained hot tub can technically be cleaner than a pristine mountain lake. You’ll feel so fresh, you might feel like striking this pose every time you get out.

A hot tub soak can clean and sanitize your body better than a shower or bath. Being submersed in swirling warm water opens your pores and makes you sweat, flushing out toxins from your body for a deeper cleanse than what you’d get from a shower or stagnant bathtub.  

Before you think, “Eww, gross”, about hot tub water, let me ask, would you swim in a clear mountain lake?  If so, then your aversion to hot tubs is irrational. Once the water has been filtered and sanitized, a well-kept hot tub can actually be more hygienic than a beautiful wilderness lake. 

Take a minute to consider the mud, algae, rotting leaves/sticks/logs, bird droppings, insects, and other cooties under the surface of a “pristine” natural body of water, along with all that marine life pooping and dying/decaying in there.  Compare that to a hot tub’s clean acrylic shell filled with filtered and sanitized water.

A properly-maintained hot tub kills germs and bacteria, then filters out debris to keep the water clean, sanitized and crystal clear in a way that not even nature can beat.  So don’t be an illogical germaphobe – rather, embrace the cleanliness and sanitation of a hot tub!