Chapter 1 Topics

1-P: Keeps Your Kids at Home

(and have them bring friends over)

children 2

Hi, Mom.  Yes, we’re being good! 

Parents often tell me that having a hot tub is a great way to keep their kids out of potential trouble by having them bring their friends over instead of them leaving to hang out at their friends’ places.  

This not only allows you to keep an eye on them, but hosting their friends gives your children the “home advantage” which can boost their confidence and social status.

Watching them interact with their peers is an opportunity for you to observe their social dynamics, learn about their group subculture, and notice how they act outside of their immediate family context.  These insights can help you become a better parent. 

And getting to know each of their friends creates respect and accountability, as opposed to your being some distant inconsequential friend’s parent.