Chapter 1 Topics

1-M: Alcohol Acceleration and Recovery

(get a buzz quicker, recover sooner)


Hot tubs and booze seem to go together nicely, but be careful!

Alcohol hits you harder in a hot tub.  You can feel a buzz quicker and stronger. So being in a hot tub might mean drinking less, or not at all.  Either way, remember to hydrate when using a hot tub.  

If you choose to ignore the warnings about drinking and tubbing, some experts say that soaking in a hot tub (at 102-104 degrees) for 20-25 minutes helps you recover from a hangover.  Drink water or Gatorade while you soak. This will flush the alcohol from your system and revive you. Then take a cool shower when you get out, which will help get your circulation moving and your heart rate up.  

Start the next day feeling better, looking fresher and being more productive.