Chapter 3 Topics

3-L: Parts Availability

parts availability

The more unique parts and features installed in a particular model, the more dealer-reliant you become, with model-specific parts that will eventually become obsolete with no after-market options.  I mention this in another chapter (4-N: Unique/Proprietary/New Technology), but it’s especially relevant when shopping for a USED hot tub.

Some brands may go out of business, but even some established high-end brands change things and discontinue parts only a few short years down the road. 

As time goes by, a hot tub with special/proprietary/unique features becomes increasingly trickier to repair (have you heard of the term “planned obsolescence”?).  As a result, you may be stuck with a huge lump in your backyard that you can’t repair or resell. 

It’s best to go with spas that use jets, spa packs and plumbing parts that are likely to be readily available for many years to come.