Chapter 3 Topics

3-M: Easy or Hard to Work On

If you’re not a handy person, this point may not mean much to you because you’d simply call a certified technician and let them deal with it.  However, if you’re the kind of person that might want to take a shot at it yourself, keep in mind that certain models from certain brands are unusually complicated and/or hard to work on, and they might not be as easy to diagnose and fix as you think.

Some brands need specialized tools, and require special training and inside knowledge to work on their products.  This makes it hard for the average Joe to work on, and the regular DYI person might find it too confusing, complex, and unintuitive to do the work themselves. If you’re dealing with a rare model and/or an unconventional system, you’re not likely to find online tutorials for these particular models.

Also, some brands/models have tight spaces with very little room to do the work.  For instance, you might need tiny hands and/or a triple-knuckle socket to reach a pump’s rear anchor bolts.

Some brands require the removal of pump one and pump two to get to pump three, plus sometimes plumbing needs to be undone and moved to reach a part that needs attention.

Many hot tub technicians refuse to work on certain brands and won’t touch warranty work with a ten-foot pole because they’re such a pain to work on.

So, if you’re the handy type that thinks you and/or your friends can work on the hot tub yourselves rather than call a specially-trained technician, keep those things in mind.