Chapter 3 Topic

3-G: Does Length/Width Size Matter?


The actual dimensions don’t matter as much as how many people fit comfortably.

Open bench seating will fit more people in a hot tub due to the lack of sculpted contours separating each user.  I call it “negotiable seating”, where you can scooch over to make more room to pack in as many people as possible.

Compare that to a more aggressively-sculpted hot tub with each person in their own “pod”, where they may need to stand up to relocate.


Sculpted vs open bench seating

Also, some hot tubs have a wider shelf around the perimeter, providing ample shelf space for cups and more comfortable sill-sitting, but this results in less interior space. 


  Narrow vs wide sill perimeter

Also, keep in mind that people also have legs, not just butts.  A six-seater hot tub may have enough seats for six butts, but not enough room for twelve legs. 


  Large vs small foot well