Chapter 3 Topics

3-B: Don’t Dawdle!


Honey, I’m so glad we finally got a hot tub!

The process of getting a hot tub may take way longer than you think.  It’s best to choose your hot tub a long time before you need it delivered, especially if you have an important deadline.  That will reduce the stress of possible delays, and if you’re unhurried, you’ll have way more options to choose from!

If ordering NEW, some hot tub factories are faster than others. Some can fulfill a new order in less than a month, while others may take several months or even over a year for production time.  Also, the factory location and shipping schedules will affect how soon you’ll get your hot tub.  

If you decide to buy a USED hot tub from Hot Tubs Galore, it may take a while before you can take possession of it.  That’s because we put each USED hot tub through a week-long comprehensive inspection/testing/preparation procedure before releasing it, so you receive it fresh off the test bench, sanitized and serviced.   And there could be several hot tubs in line before yours.

Then, once the hot tub is ready to be delivered, it may take some time to arrange and schedule a delivery date that works for everyone.

When you combine the above factors, it could be many weeks, months, and in some cases (such as during the COVID-19 pandemic), even years between placing your order and your receiving your hot tub.  So, start shopping now, and make your choice way in advance.