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Defining “Quality” In Regards To a “Cheap Hot Tub” Purchase

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Two 1997 models. Guess which has one million miles on the odometer? When quality matters, it’s important to understand what that word actually means when it comes to hot tubs.  Aesthetics, spec sheets and special features may influence the decision-making process but they have next to nothing to do with the quality of a product.  […]

Want to Know about Hot Tub Jets?

Here are some tips about things you may Want to Know about Hot Tub Jets. There are over 100 kinds of jets, some good, some bad. But there’s more to it than that. What’s a hot tub without jets?  This is an important enough category to spill some ink on the subject if you care […]

Hot Tub Leaks Hot Tub Jet Gasket Leaking Problems

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Hot Tub Recycling is one thing that Hot Tubs Galore does a lot of. What starts as buying a used hot tub from a customer who is upgrading, moving or just not wanting a hot tub anymore, very often turns into a hot tub recycling project, instead of another used hot tub in Langley for […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: You Get What You Pay For

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Getting What You Pay For Expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality, but a low price tag almost always means a low-quality product. There’s no way around the fact that a good quality product is going to cost more. Tips:  – Ask yourself, “does quality really matter?”  If you don’t care about performance, reliability, durability and longevity, […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: Long Term Parts Availability

Long Term Parts Availability Some brands are notorious for discontinuing model-specific parts a few years in, and fly-by-night brands may not be around for long.  So keep this in mind if you plan to keep your hot tub for a long time. The more unique parts and features in a particular model, the more dealer-reliant […]

Broken Or Missing Hot Tub Jets

Sometimes broken jets don’t look broken at a glance, so there needs to be some investigative work to find out.  Tips:  -Check every jet body (holes where jets go) to make sure none are missing. -Most jets can be turned on and off on a gradient fade by turning them like a dial.  See if […]

Hot Tub Computer Issues

Langley Hot Tubs Galore back with another of our Used Hot Tub Tutorial & Tips. Hot tub repair can become very costly as hot tub parts and hot tub service become part of a hot tubs life. That’s why we always suggest when buying a used hot tub you buy from a reputable used hot […]

Hot Tub Plumbing Problems

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Leaks are a big deal.  Some hot tubs are much less likely to leak than others, and some leaks are much harder to locate and/or fix than others.   Some cracks don’t leak under static pressure, but only lose water when the pumps are on high speed. Sometimes a leak is not immediately evident, as the […]

Hot Tub Mechanical Failure

Hot Tub Mechanical Breakdown

There are lots of moving parts on a hot tub. We make sure it’s all in working order for you. Tips:  -test the motors for high/low/off settings -feel them for heat after they’ve been running a while.   -Listen for noisy bearings.   -Check the pump shafts while the pumps are under load to see if water […]

Hot Tub Electronic Malfunction

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Hot tubs have heating elements, thermostats, breakers, submersible lights, secondary pumps, computer circuit boards and all kinds of other things that run off a combination of 220v, 110v and 12v current.  Since electronics and wiring can be complicated and temperamental, they sometimes go wacky after a spa is moved and revived.  That’s why it’s good […]