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There’s over 100 different kinds of jets out there

Sometimes broken jets don’t look broken at a glance, so there needs to be some investigative work to find out. 


-Check every jet body (holes where jets go) to make sure none are missing.

-Most jets can be turned on and off on a gradient fade by turning them like a dial.  See if they turn easily or if they may be seized.

-pop a few jets out and check the “cone” back part for broken/missing tabs, chlorine corrosion and cracks/damage

(this one’s a little tricky because it take some knowledge on how to remove different kinds of jets, but generally speaking, the most common way to remove a jet is to turn it counter clockwise past the point of resistance until it “pops free” and you can pull it out.  To re-install it, push it back in hard and twist clockwise to lock it back into place).  

(warning – forcing a weak jet may cause it to break – it may be a sign for you to walk away, but it may make the seller angry for breaking his jets then not buying the tub)

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