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Hot Tub Electrical Malfunction
It ran fine when we saw it ,but it “blowed up real good” after being relocated & re-connected.

Hot tubs have heating elements, thermostats, breakers, submersible

lights, secondary pumps, computer circuit boards and all kinds of other things that run off a combination of 220v, 110v and 12v current. 

Since electronics and wiring can be complicated and temperamental, they sometimes go wacky after a spa is moved and revived.  That’s why it’s good to have warranty!


-Most often, a failure cannot be identified or predicted by a visual inspection, but sometimes it can:

-look for signs of amateur repairs (twizzled-together wires, electrician tape, loose lines & unsecured cables, sloppy solder jobs, etc.)

-Make sure to test every button on the topside for functionality, but if possible, also check out the spa pack motherboard for moisture/corrosion, burnt or melted spots, frayed/loose wires, signs of insects entering (“computer bugs”). 

-If the tub is up and running, listen for buzzing/chattering, and sniff for ozone smell at the spa pack.

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