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Hot Tub Plumbing Problems
Where the heck could that leak be coming from?

Leaks are a big deal.  Some hot tubs are much less likely to leak than others, and some leaks are much harder to locate and/or fix than others.  

Some cracks don’t leak under static pressure, but only lose water when the pumps are on high speed.

Sometimes a leak is not immediately evident, as the water gets absorbed into the insulation and holds it there for a long time before water begins to visibly seep out from underneath.

Sometimes the source of the leak is in the opposite corner from where it’s dripping, due to capillary action.  

It’s important to note that moving a hot tub may cause leaks that otherwise would not have happened if the tub sat still and uninterrupted. 

We avoid hot tubs with dried-out brittle plumbing and weak plastic parts because they are fragile and prone to leaks, and we stay away from hot tubs with a bad track record for leaks and difficult/complex plumbing arterial systems.


-If a hot tub is on a deck with gaps between the boards, or on paving tiles or gravel, leaks may never be visible without lifting a hot tub into the air to check for wetness.  

-If a tub seems unusually heavy or is considerably heavier on one half, there may be a leak that’s saturating the foam.  

-Remove the panels if possible and check for signs of leaking & run your hand along the pipes to feel for moisture.  

-If the pipes are covered in foam, feel around for wet insulation, especially along the bottom, toward the middle of the hot tub, as that’s most often where the water ends up due to capillary action.

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