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Hot Tub Leaks Recycle Used hot TubsHot Tub Recycling is one thing that Hot Tubs Galore does a lot of. What starts as buying a used hot tub from a customer who is upgrading, moving or just not wanting a hot tub anymore, very often turns into a hot tub recycling project, instead of another used hot tub in Langley for sale.

Hot tub leaks stem from a number of possibilities such as faulty plumbing, faulty jets, a crack in the tub or in the case of the video below, worn or degraded gaskets sealing the jets to the tub. In this instance, the tub had sat around for 2 years empty, allowing the very important but delicate gaskets to dry out and ultimately fail.

There are so many potential problems when buying a used hot tub that make it very risky for someone who doesn’t know what to look for… what looks like a Great Deal on a Used Hot Tub, can often turn out to be a complete waste of money.

Buyer Beware should be in effect in regards to buying a used hot tub, just like Buyer Beware is usually in effect when it comes to buying a used car. If you take a used car you want to buy to your mechanic to inspect it, then you should also get one of the experts from Hot Tubs Galore to provide an inspection for a used hot tub in Langley, Surrey or anywhere in Greater Vancouver. Unless you know exactly what to look for, you can often end up losing whatever you thought was a great deal on a used hot tub.

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We thoroughly inspect every Used Hot Tub we buy, and we reject far more used hot tubs than we actually buy to resell to our customers. We provide peace of mind when buying one of our used hot tubs, in order to provide warranty and support for your investment.

If we reject a used hot tub from a seller, we provide concrete reasons why the tub is not suitable for resale, and offer a very affordable Hot Tub Recycling service to ensure disposal is carried out in the most environmentally conscious manner.