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Hot Tub Computer Issues
Who knew a hot tub could be so complicated?

Langley Hot Tubs Galore back with another of our Used Hot Tub Tutorial & Tips.

Hot tub repair can become very costly as hot tub parts and hot tub service become part of a hot tubs life. That’s why we always suggest when buying a used hot tub you buy from a reputable used hot tub dealer, or pay one for a hot tub inspection before you buy.

Hot tub complications such as a hot tub heater or hot tub control panel can set you back and turn your hot tub relaxation into somewhat of a hot tub nightmare.

Since computer technology is becoming cheaper to produce than analog equipment, a hot tub computer introduces all kinds of new wizardry along with potential problems.

As the hot tub computer becomes more and more sophisticated, it begins to control more of the hot tub components which in general, sounds like a great improvement… until something goes wrong.

Hot tub circuit board troubleshooting has become more and more important, for new and used hot tub sellers, as well as buyers when you find you have a hot tub circuit board burnt. The hot tub control system can become temperamental and sometimes requires hot tub control panel replacement.

Water… of course, can become an issue when it comes to a hot tub computer for obvious reason. 

Since computers can be complicated and temperamental, they sometimes go wacky after a spa is moved and revived. That’s what the warranty is for.



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