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Hot Tubs Langley Hot Tubs In Surrey You Get What You Pay For
It’s usually worth paying more for a better product

Getting What You Pay For

Expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality, but a low price tag almost always means a low-quality product. There’s no way around the fact that a good quality product is going to cost more.


– Ask yourself, “does quality really matter?”  If you don’t care about performance, reliability, durability and longevity, then it might make sense to simply go for the cheapest option.  I sometimes sell cheap tubs to the movie industry, contractors, house flippers, show homes (as a suggested-living staging prop), and to people who plan to move away within a year or two. Nothing wrong with a “dollar store” brand if your situation allows it.

– If quality does matter but you don’t have the budget for it, you’d likely be wiser to get a high quality used one rather than a low quality new one.  A used high-quality hot tub will cost less yet perform better and last longer than a cheap new one.

– If you want quality and have the budget to do so, then don’t compromise on quality.  In the long run you’ll be glad you paid the extra bucks to get a great product. 

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