Chapter 6 Topics

6-S: Plastic Parts

plastic parts

There’s a zillion plastic & foam bits in and around a hot tub

Bits and parts are often damaged or missing on used hot tubs, and you may not notice if you don’t know what to look for (e.g., valve caps, lever handles, cushions, escutcheons, drink trays, filter caps, skimmer weirs, intake strainers, leaf catcher baskets, badges, clips, cosmetic trim, etc.).  Some of these “little things” might actually matter more than you think, and they may be expensive and/or hard to find/replace, or may not be available at all. 

The levers/dials are most prone to damage because they are moving parts and can be overstressed if someone forces them too far. Skimmer weirs also take a lot of wear and tear because they’re constantly bobbing or swinging with the water current. If the valve handles are broken or missing, you can’t operate the dials, and if the weir is damaged or missing, the surface floaties won’t be slurped up properly.