Chapter 6 Topics

6-G: Are Used Hot Tubs Unsanitary?

sanitation 2

Why nobody join me in my hot tub?

Some NEW hot tub vendors warn against USED hot tubs, suggesting that it’s disgusting to be in someone else’s old hot tub.  Although this is more emotional than sensible, I understand how it can be a deterrent.  And the truth is that sometimes we are surprised at the yucky stuff that gets flushed out when we clean and sanitize used hot tubs.

Behold, Hot Tubs Galore has developed and refined a system to aggressively flush the plumbing with special products to clear out scale, grime, and gunk that can accumulate in the pipes, pumps, hoses & jets. After that, we run bleach through the system and scrub down the shell’s interior. Not only does this process sanitize the spa, but it can clean out the “clogged arteries” so it runs better.

If the idea of “used” turns you off, keep in mind that technically, all hot tubs are “used” as soon as the first person steps into it, and a sanitized and well-maintained used hot tub will be as clean as a new hot tub (1-L: Cleanliness and Sanitation)