Chapter 6 Topics

6-B: Used Hot Tub Pricing

The price of a USED hot tub depends on many factors, beyond the scope of this webpage.
But the bottom line is, you’ll be saving literally thousands of dollars if you choose to go with USED. That’s HUGE savings!

Here’s some ballpark pricing so you have a general idea of what to expect:

⦁ Free – $1,000
These would be too old or too ugly for us to consider reselling.
We usually have a bunch of hot tubs on site that aren’t worth our time and effort to refurbish
But if someone would be interested in keeping it out of the landfill, we can forklift it onto your truck to take it away.
Please, just don’t get mad at us if it turns out to be a nightmare – that’s the risk you take with an “as is” used hot tub.

⦁ $2,000 – $4,000
These would be models that we haven’t inspected or tested, and are sold “as is”, with no guarantees.
Some might turn out to be good, but others might end up needing parts and plenty of TLC
These may be worth the effort for DIY guys who are OK with putting time, effort and money into a project

⦁ $5,000 – 10,000
These would be decent to very nice hot tubs that we’ve inspected & tested, often fully refurbished.
Sold for thousands below retail, guaranteed with warranty

⦁ Over $10,000
These would be near-new and/or very impressive used hot tubs, oversized models and swim spas.

⦁ Over one million dollars
An unlikely budget, but I’m sure we could accommodate you if you insisted on spending that much.

In some cases, a high-quality USED hot tub may actually cost more than a NEW model from a cheaper brand, but it still would be the better choice. A well-built USED hot tub will be more comfortable, perform better, be more reliable and last longer than a NEW one made by a cheap brand. This isn’t speculative theory, it’s a solid fact. I know this to be true based on dealing with new and used hot tubs for over the last 25+ years.