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Chapter 6 Topics

6-O: Frame Rot

This hot tub looked perfectly fine until we turned it upside-down and removed the panels

Hot tub skirts might be hiding an ugly truth underneath. Oftentimes, the floor and frame behind the panels are rotted out, unseen and unnoticed as long as the skirting stays in place and the hot tub is never moved.

But if the structural integrity of the frame is compromised, the hot tub may blow apart if it’s lifted, tipped on end, or when snugged tight with crane straps. So, a nice-looking used hot tub might not survive a relocation if the frame rotted out.

Even if you do succeed in moving it to your place in one piece and find a way to reattach the cladding, it may sit crooked or tilt for lack of support, and wobble when people get in and out.