Chapter 6 Topics

6-M: Shell Colour & Patterns


Shell colour should be a very low priority when shopping used. 

I always pay close attention to hot tub scenes on TV and in movies. Not for reasons explained in 1-S – rather, because I like to try to guess the brand, model and age. What I find interesting is that it’s often an old outdated model. I can tell, based on the shell colour/pattern.

Whenever a film industry props guy approaches Hot Tubs Galore about needing hot tub for a scene they’re shooting, they never ask about the shell colour because they know that the directors, actors and viewers couldn’t care less. If “any ol’ colour” is good enough for glamorous Hollywood scenes, might it also be good enough for you?

Let me suggest that shell colour isn’t as important as you might think, and here’s why:

When you are viewing empty hot tubs in a showroom, you are analyzing every square inch of the entire surface area. It’s what you look at, and it’s what you’re focusing on at this stage of the game. It has a big visual impact which might strongly determine how physically attracted you are to that particular model. But that’s the most you’ll ever see of the shell, and you’ll never study the shell with those critical eyes again.

Once a hot tub is activated in your backyard, the shell will be hidden under the cover. 99% of the time (when you’re outside of the hot tub), all you’ll see is the cabinet and cover, so that’s really what matters most when it comes to backyard colour coordination.

The only time you’ll actually see the inside of the hot tub is when you’re physically using it, often after dark, with most of the shell buried under frothing water. Nobody in the tub is going to scrutinize the shell colour, and at this stage of the game it will be the last thing on your mind, too.

If you aren’t able to enjoy your hot tub because the shell doesn’t match the house trim, perhaps you’re getting a hot tub for the wrong reasons. I encourage you to consider some better reasons listed in Chapter 1: Benefits of a Hot Tub, and perhaps a good hot tub soak might help relieve your OCD.