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Hot Tub Leaks Hot Tub Jet Gasket Leaking Problems

Hot Tub Leaks Hot Tub Tutorial - Hot Tub Leaky Gasket - Leaking Hot Tub Testing

Hot Tub Recycling is one thing that Hot Tubs Galore does a lot of. What starts as buying a used hot tub from a customer who is upgrading, moving or just not wanting a hot tub anymore, very often turns into a hot tub recycling project, instead of another used hot tub in Langley for […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: Shopping For The Best Price

Hot Tubs Vancouver Best Priced Hot Tubs Vancouver Canada

Shopping For The Best Price Generally speaking, the more elaborate the showroom the higher the mark-up for obvious reasons.  Higher overhead requires bigger profit margins.   However, there likely won’t be as big of a difference in price as you might think. Things like clothing and furniture have huge mark-ups but there’s not as much wiggle-room […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: You Get What You Pay For

Hot Tubs Langley Hot Tubs In Surrey You Get What You Pay For

Getting What You Pay For Expensive doesn’t always mean high-quality, but a low price tag almost always means a low-quality product. There’s no way around the fact that a good quality product is going to cost more. Tips:  – Ask yourself, “does quality really matter?”  If you don’t care about performance, reliability, durability and longevity, […]