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How much can you save by shopping around?

Shopping For The Best Price

Generally speaking, the more elaborate the showroom the higher the mark-up for obvious reasons.  Higher overhead requires bigger profit margins.  

However, there likely won’t be as big of a difference in price as you might think. Things like clothing and furniture have huge mark-ups but there’s not as much wiggle-room on pricing in the hot tub industry, and the numbers have to make sense to stay in business.  

It’s not realistic to expect one store to sell the identical product for thousands less than another store. Nowadays hot tub businesses can’t get away with price gouging because consumers are more discerning and shop around more intelligently than ever, keeping things tightly competitive.


– If there’s a big price difference between “similar models” from different brands (i.e., they look alike and read the same on a spec sheet), it’s unlikely that the vendor with the more expensive option is making more money.  More likely, chances are that the more expensive model is higher quality and costs more wholesale.

– Study the tips I’m giving on what’s important to keep in mind, and make a decision based on all those things combined, and don’t base your choice on aesthetics, spec sheets and pricing alone.

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