Chapter 2 Topics

2-B: The Myth of the Expert

My spidey senses are tingling – something’s not right about these “best hot tub” lists.  Bottom line is, don’t trust them.

At Hot Tubs Galore, we’ve bought/sold and serviced/repaired thousands of different kinds of hot tubs. We have hands-on experience with literally tons of models from dozens of brands and I have personally wet-tested countless models, making me a hot tub connoisseur. That makes me qualified to tell you with confidence that most online advice is unreliable and misleading.

I’m alarmed at the misinformation I come across when I Google “best hot tub” or “hot tub buying tips”. Who the heck put together these lists? They can’t possibly be actual experts who have taken the time to thoroughly research every brand and model they mention. In fact, I bet none of them have personally tried out all the models they mention, nor have they taken the time to carefully dissect every brand they critique in order to study and note the differences. It’s all written from an ivory tower.

Most hot tub shopping “advice” articles are nothing more than a sales pitch “advising” the reader to buy their particular product. Some companies pay websites, or make some sort of mutually-beneficial arrangements to be included in their top ten list. In some cases, what appears to be an unbiased website is actually owned and run by a particular manufacturer. These websites are not objective sources of information put together by helpful experts for altruistic reasons. I’m certain of it.

The real experts are not bloggers, webmasters and marketers. The ones that really know their stuff are the humble parts/service/repair guys who are familiar with all the brands. Problem is, there’s no good reason for these guys to spend their time, money and effort creating and maintaining websites to educate the general public. Even if they did, their work would be buried under hundreds of other, SEO-paying, financially-motivated websites out there. Folly yells while wisdom whispers.

As is true in other field of expertise, those who stand on a soapbox with a placard and a megaphone are often the least qualified to speak on the subject intelligently and objectively. So, take these self-proclaimed “experts” with a grain of salt.